The GDB Power Rankings: Summer 2017, Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the Giga Drill Breakdown Power Rankings!


  1. Made in Abyss (ep2)
  2. Princess Principal (ep1)
  3. 18if (ep2)
  4. Tsuredure Children (ep2)
  5. New Game!! (ep1)

Episode 2 of Made in Abyss takes the top spot this week; it set up a real goal for the main character and expanded on the setting. The art is still very good and it seems to be heading in an interesting direction. With a strong first episode, Princess Principal has captured my attention. I am really enjoying the European steampunk setting and the characters all seem interesting.

18if really surprised me with its second episode and it’s much darker tone. I wasn’t expecting much from this show and it was really surprising the direction they went with in this episode, looking forward how the different directors handle each episode. Once again Tsuredure Children had a strong episode, the sketch with the little sister was great at showing off the range of her voice actor. Finally we have New Game!! which really just continues to deliver from what we had last season. Everything seems to be the same as season one with the art and animation and it’s still a nice cute girls doing cute things show.


  1. My Hero Academia s2 (ep15)
  2. Made in Abyss (ep2)
  3. Restaurant to Another World (ep2)
  4. Princess Principal (ep1)
  5. Kakegurui (ep2)

My Hero Academia remains absolutely top tier, ramping up the second cour of the second season faster than Iida in third gear. Lots of setup for the future of the series while still giving us just enough of what’s already going on. Gran Torino is fast becoming a favourite, with a neat quirk and a direct but earnest way of training young Deku.

With its fun, almost chibi character design and beautiful visuals, Made in Abyss does a great job at distracting us from the inevitable dark story that’s to come. It has had some phenomenal world building in just two short episodes, and I expect the story to really ramp up soon with only eleven more to go. I’d love to stay in this setting for a while; track our main heroine’s adventures from red whistle, to legendary white whistle and beyond. If things don’t end in tragedy before then…

The Iyashikei genre of anime is something that does not and likely will not ever exist in Western – especially American – media. The closest Americans have is sitcoms, and even then they have the purpose of creating laughter and the occasional drama. But Japan has mastered warmth in animated form, and Restaurant to Another World is just that, but this time in food form. It will be difficult for this show to fall below a firm 8/10 by the end of the season, so long as it maintains the feel of a warm blanket.

What does a ruthless, habitual liar with a heart of gold, a Victorian gothic/Asian ninja loli, an all-girls school, and a spy ring all have in common? An amazing start to one of my more anticipated anime this season with Princess Principal. Another original by Studio 3hz, Princess Principal follows in the footsteps of one of my favourite anime. I have high hopes for this one, especially after the strong pilot episode. Featuring an OST by my personal favourite anime OST composer, Yuki Kajiura, fluid character animations, and a dark but gorgeous gothic steampunk London, Princess Principal takes us on a quick but intense ride layered with a grand world to be explored.

In Kakegurui, we get more of the same from the first episode, in which the audience becomes more privy to our main heroine’s addiction and somewhat inhuman gambling skills. The animation is spectacular, especially when it comes to reaction faces, and even the noticeably CG hands weren’t terrible enough to warrant complaint.


  1. Love and Lies (ep2)
  2. Made In Abyss (ep2)
  3. Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (ep1)
  4. Tsuredure Children (ep2)
  5. Magical Circle (ep1)

Love and Lies has to take the place for my favorite from the second week. While it didn’t have any visuals that were as powerful as what we saw in the first episode it was still beautiful throughout and the OST was a delight to listen to. I also loved how Lilina seems to be living vicariously through Misaki and Yukari’s relationship rather than getting upset that they have feelings for each other. I have also always loved romance so that’s a big pull for me.

While Made in Abyss didn’t really do anything bad per se, it just wasn’t as good as the first episode. They continued to flesh out the world without it feeling like an info dump. They gave some backstory for the main girl and we got a bit of insight into how callous that world was. .

I did not expect Action Heroine Cheer Fruits to appear on this list but this is the kind of surprise I want to see more of! The intro immediately caught my eye with the title of the show flying into view and the blaring and triumphant trumpets. What really carried the show was the MC, An, who would get so excited during the preparation for their tokusatsu performance that I couldn’t help but become entranced.

Tsuredure Children continues to be adorably cute without feeling like it’s rehashing the dynamics between the characters. It bums me out having to put Magical Circle as my fifth favorite for the week because the first episode was fantastic. The NES JRPG styled intro was an instant hook for me and then they played with the tropes found in the games for the rest of the episode! Add in an adorable cast and I can’t wait for more! The second episode of Knight’s & Magic felt like a massive step down and Fate Apocrypha just wasn’t as good as some of the first episodes that aired this week.


  1. Princess Principal (ep1)
  2. Welcome to the Ballroom (ep2)
  3. Kakegurui (ep2)
  4. Tsuredure Children (ep2)
  5. Hina Logic (eps1-4)

Princess Principal is absolutely one of the best shows I have ever seen, and if every episode is as good as the first one, I have no qualms about declaring it my favorite series of all time. Perfect setting, gorgeous visuals and design, wonderful characters, beautiful writing and one of my all time favorite opening themes.

I’m quite worried about Welcome to the Ballroom, I still love this series to death, but in the scenes with dancing, I was occasionally not feeling the same power as I felt while reading the manga. The impact of each panel is proving to be more effective than good animation. It’s just a lot less impressive at times. The anime just can’t match the line work in the manga.

Kakegurui is fun! I love you Jabami Yumeko!

Tsuredure Children is a very lovable series, and as I watch it I find myself smothered with feelings of affection. Being single at this school this series takes place in must be the worst experience ever.

Hina Logi is a series that I purposefully skipped the first week as I find the parent series Luck and Logic to be horrid. Thankfully, Hina Logi has nothing to do with the original, and ends up being a very standard magical girl series that I could even say I feel a slight nostalgia for. These don’t come around that often, unless it’s Pretty Cure. This edges out Fastest Finger First which was much more predictable than its first episode.

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