The GDB Power Rankings: Summer 2017, Week 3


  1. Vatican Miracle Examiner (ep3)
  2. Princess Principal (ep2)
  3. Made in Abyss (ep3)
  4. Fastest Finger First (ep3)
  5. Kakegurui (ep3)

Vatican Miracle Examiner seems to be building to the climax of its first arc and has clawed its way up to my top slot this week for just how compelling the mystery has become. I don’t know what I expected from a show about two Vatican members determining the authenticity of miracles, but it certainly wasn’t an investigation into some potential corruption to cascade into a series of murders in a Satan-worshiping, drug-dealing, child-molesting, possibly Nazi-born church. And somehow, all those bombshells still don’t feel too over-the-top.

Princess Principal comes in second for absolutely selling me on the characters in an episode that kept me guessing who was allied with who until the very end—and even then, I was still left with questions. Meanwhile, Made in Abyss takes third for continuing to maintain its simultaneous saccharine and sinister atmosphere. Both shows have captured my attention and I expect them to consistently make my weekly rankings.

Fastest Finger First comes in fourth. It’s not a fantastic show, but it’s managed to take something as seemingly unexciting as quiz bowls and turn them into something I’m fully invested in. It’s very much a sports anime, but since it’s centered around a fairly niche type of competition, I’m learning a lot about it as I watch, and the fact that I can play along to some extent really helps make it compelling.

The fact that Kakegurui is in my fifth spot despite the most terrifyingly insane episode yet is only a testament to how strong this season has been. Saori Hayami delivers what’s probably her best performance of Jabami yet. Unfortunately, the episode had more or less the same structure as the previous ones, and the show is going to have to really step its game up or start changing some things up, or else it could start getting old quickly.


  1. 18if (ep3)
  2. Made in Abyss (ep3)
  3. My Hero Academia (ep29)
  4. Princess Principal (ep2)
  5. Kakegurui (ep3)

18if has once again surprised me with this week’s episode and the direction it took. I hope the show continues in this direction and that each new director brings something new to the table. Made in Abyss had another strong episode this week as we set off on our adventure into the abyss. We can now truly start our adventure into the depths. My Hero Academia is building up to a climax at a good pace and we got to see three of the hero’s work together and learn from each other. It also shows how Endeavor, while being a terrible parent, is still a hero and his son recognizes that and sets aside a personal grudge to learn from him.

This weeks Princess Principal has taken us back to the beginning of the timeline and gives us some backstory on the girls. The concept and characters are still interesting and the art is still great. Wrapping up the week is Kakegurui with another good episode. The main character is still insane but actually loses which is nice compared to some other shows where the main character never loses.


  1. Restaurant to Another World (ep3)
  2. My Hero Academia s2 (ep16)
  3. Kakegurui (ep3)
  4. Princess Principal (ep2)
  5. Made in Abyss (ep3)

Restaurant to Another World takes my first spot. Sometimes things aren’t going well. Sometimes you need a moment of reprieve from whatever currently ails you, mentally, physically, spiritually. Sometimes all you need is mom’s home cooking, a good book on a rainy day, or a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket on a cold day. Sometimes all you need is an iyashikei.

What a great episode that was! It’s amazing how much they can pack into 20 minutes! Leaving us no time to catch our breath, My Hero Academia s2e16 picks up in the middle of action and ends the same way, leaving us on the edge of our seat, craving the next episode like an addict. Seeing Deku and Todoroki utilizing more of their powers against Hero Killer Stain was phenomenal, especially given the reason behind (literally and figuratively) behind their actions. Next episode looks to be even more hype as MHA continues to go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!

This week’s episode of Kakegurui shows us that our infallible heroine isn’t perfect and can fail, but my does she fail gloriously. She is addicted to the gamble, and the bigger it is the greater her pleasure, win or lose. Being at the bottom just means the next bet will be even bigger, and she couldn’t be happier.

Princess Principal is going to be my most looked forward to each week, which is saying something considering the strength of anime this season. Giving us a wicked twist/reveal this week in a flashback episode, this week’s episode of “PriPri” has left us fans more than enthralled. We look forward to seeing what you’ll do with this one, Studio 3hz.

I don’t know if I can continue watching Made in Abyss. If may be getting too dark for me. I’ll watch it next week, but with some trepidation. It’s almost an exact contrast to PMMM at this point: characters are light, fun, and happy; the visuals are bright and rich with personality; be the atmosphere is mostly one of merriment… with an incredibly dark shadow hovering about these small, innocent 12-year-olds.


  1. 18if (ep3)
  2. Love and Lies (ep3)
  3. Made in Abyss (ep3)
  4. Princess Principal (ep2)
  5. Light of Clione (ep2)

I love how distinct every episode of 18if has been so far. In a complete shift from last week’s gorey episode, this week we saw more of a slice of life/romantic episode. Aside from changing the content they also changed the style by lowering the intensity of colors and adding more details to the characters to make them appear more realistic. I also loved how they showed the different scenes from both Haruto’s and the Witch’s perspective.

Love and Lies continues to be amazing and this wife-to-be Lilina continues to intrigue me. In particular, the way her face changed after seeing Misaki and Yukari start to kiss followed by her request for them to kiss every day. She is realizing that love stories aren’t always cute and clean and that their is often pain that goes along with them. Music was particularly fantastic this episode.

My ranking of Made in Abyss appears to be trying to enter the abyss as well in search of it’s own treasure. It falling down a bit further is not due to it getting worse but 18if just being so good this week. Excited to see what next week’s episode is like since they are actually in the abyss now!

The second episode of Princess Principal went back in time and they gave us some of the backstory on the characters. They also went for a much more tense environment that one would want from a show about spies. Visuals were nice throughout except for one particularly jarring shot of them entering the room and doing this aerial shot with a full 3D background. All in all this was a nice improvement over the first episode.

I’m really liking how sincere Light of Clione is. It doesn’t dwell or do long monologue’s on how Minori felt from being bullied and Takashi and Kyouko don’t make any grand gestures, they just went up to her after school and hung out. This is simply pleasant to watch and I love how it’s tackling themes like bullying in a less dramatic but still serious fashion


  1. Princess Principal (ep2)
  2. Welcome to the Ballroom (ep3)
  3. Kakegurui (ep3)
  4. A Centaur’s Worries (ep2)
  5. Teekyuu 9 (ep2)

Quality of Princess Principal was just as good, if not better than the first episode. Tons of information and the workings of a deep elaborate plot were shown to us. I am fully invested in the mysteries behind each character. Still the best OP and ED in years. Dorothy is my 20 year old, non-smoking, waifu!

I’m waiting for the moment in the anime where I go, yes, this is 100% exactly the same feeling that I got when I read Welcome to the Ballroom’s manga. I still maintain the dancing itself is way better in the manga, the art is more captivating, but the music and pacing of the anime has its own benefits. Sengoku and Kiyoharu are both a bit stronger in their animated appearance, while Shizuku and Tatara were much more convincing in the manga.

Jabami nyaa!

After a troubling first episode, A Centaur’s Worries has reinvigorated my love for this series. I can’t remember a thing about the manga, but I did enjoy it. The humor and the characters was a huge step up from last week. It feels like a real show now, instead of being this piece of animation that parachuted itself into a timeslot. Still has pacing and delivery issues.

I forgot to put Teekyuu 9 in my list last week, and episode 2 was better than the first, but this series is at the top of its game once again. Thank god millepensenses stopped doing Berserk. I eagerly await La La Land with Senpai.

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