The GDB Power Rankings: Summer 2017, Week 5


  1. Princess Principal (ep4)
  2. Made In Abyss (ep5)
  3. Tsuredure Children (ep5)
  4. Kakegurui (ep5)
  5. Welcome to the Ballroom (ep5)

Princess Principal takes my top spot once again with another interesting episode. I am really happy with the direction this show has taken and its interesting story. In second once again is Made In Abyss as the main pair delve deeper into the abyss and we get introduced to a couple new monsters. It also looks like we are getting introduced to new human characters next week so should be exciting.  Not much to say about Tsuredure Children other than that it was an enjoyable episode, I hope that we do get more of the student council president and the delinquent couple as they are my favorite.

More Kakegurui is always a good thing which makes me sad next week as there isn’t an episode of Kakegurui. This week’s episode concluded the first of the student council games and we got to see a dere Saotome which was nice. To finish the top 5 we have  Welcome to the Ballroom which introduced us to some new characters including one of my favorites, Mako, which should lead to some good character growth from the main character.



  1. Kakegurui (ep5)
  2. Princess Principal (ep4)
  3. Restaurant to Another World (ep5)
  4. My Hero Academia s2 (ep18)
  5. A Centaur’s Life (ep4)

Kakegurui is legitimately one of the most fun shows ever, but it’s a different kind than the others in my top five. It brings an unfettered insanity to the week, and we know that every episode is going to be a treat as it pulls us along for a wild, gorgeously, insanely written ride. Seeing Yumeko and Mary team up is unbelievable, and seeing the antagonist get beaten down was so gratifying. OP and ED are definitely my favorites this season.

In one word, Princess Principal is fun. One can easily expect each episode to bring about this sense of adventure, along with the tease of espionage, a taste of magic, and a heaping spoonful of cute girls doing awesome things, all to the righteous music of genius composer Yuki Kajiura (most notable for her work on .hack//sign, PMMM, Fate/Zero, and Sword Art Online). Everybody is a spy, everybody has something they want and many things they’re trying to hide, and I want more.

There are few things better in life than a good meal, and Restaurant to Another World offers that up every week without fail. It’s just warm and pleasant, and I end every episode with a smile on my face and a little bit more positivity in my soul.

A bit of a slower episode this week as MHA winds down from the insane Stain intro arc and offers up more world and mythos building as we prepare for an anime original episode featuring the other students’ training adventures.

Monster girls are an interesting topic, featured heavily in anime ranging from menacing villains to the moe-est of the moe. A Centaur’s Life does things a little differently, setting up a deep, mysterious, but “Big Brother” type of society that’s forced these inhuman beings to be accepted, almost to a tyrannical degree of egalitarianism. Still, it’s interesting to see how these monster girls interact not only with each other and society, but with their own place in the world. This is most apparent when Hime stresses about her body and the literal similarities to a cow, with her being a Centaur and all. Self image is something we all deal with, and even in a world of extreme egalitarianism where a Centaur can’t even be ridden by her friends for fun due to it being seen as a type of servitude, people still have relatively normal issues they experience in life.



  1. Made In Abyss (ep5)
  2. Welcome to the Ballroom & Love and Lies (ep5)
  3. Princess Principal (ep4)
  4. Lights of the Clione (ep4)

The new monsters we are seeing as they descend further into the abyss continue to be interesting. They hit a nice balance of surreal yet normal enough that we can actually graph what we’re actually seeing. Additionally the episode was filled with a lot of great animation and I’m curious to meet the two new human characters in next week’s Made In Abyss. I simply couldn’t choose either Welcome to the Ballroom or Love and Lies as my second pick for this week. Ballroom has the rivalry’s in full swing. They showed lots of great dances this week and the Mako pairing with Tatara is a godsend. For Love and Lies I really enjoyed seeing Lilina start to confront the situation she was in and how what she was doing isn’t right. I also like how forward Takasaki is becoming and the Yukari and Nisaka bits were hysterical.

Princess Principal had another great episode. Was nice to see a few hints towards how Chise fits into the group. I also appreciated how they are all skeptical towards each other and them confronting that rather than just inner monologuing about it. Lights of the Clione was a bit of a rollercoaster this week with it spending a majority of it’s runtime on them visiting the aquarium and just having fun with each other followed by Hikari’s mother receiving some type of terrible news about (presumably) Hikari’s health.



  1. Welcome to the Ballroom (ep5)
  2. Princess Principal (ep4)
  3. Teekyuu 9 (ep4)
  4. Kakegurui (ep5)
  5. New Game!! (ep4)

In continuation from last week, Ballroom has turned my opinion completely around. I had mentioned elsewhere that I was going to drop the show because it just isn’t as good as the manga. Well. Finally, it has exceeded the original and gone far, far beyond it. Finally, the best part of the entire series, which is the unity between male and female dancer is the focus of the episode. Tatara and Mako’s relationship both as people and as a pair is an example of what this show is really about. This is the first episode where I thought the animation in the first half matched the manga, and was far, far more gorgeous than it in the second half. One of the best moments in the manga, and all of manga, is now one of the best moments ever put to animation.

And yet, Princess Principal is still the best show ever made. The weakest episode so far, and it unfortunately goes up against Ballroom. I suspect that this will be the only time I put Princess Principal in second place. No shutout this season. It was mostly just more of the same, which is still perfect, but I didn’t get much new out of it. We learn some more backstory, like usual. Dorothy seduces someone, like usual. Best moment is the play-training/intro. Excellent fun. Very curious about Dorothy’s story as well.

This is one of my all-time favorite Teekyuu episodes. It’s got an excellent title (300 with Senpai), which is stupid because it’s the 100th episode. And in typical celebration fashion, it’s a character popularity poll, with hilarious twists. Extremely funny.

A new challenger has appeared. So I caught up to New Game!! and I’m of the opinion that it is significantly better than the first season. I find that the jokes are landing more, I seem to enjoy the characters more, the characters I like the most have more of a focus. Truthfully I found episode 2 and 3 a lot better, but with weak episodes from most other series this week, I felt it was appropriate to give New Game some love. Hifumi and Rin are my favorites, Hifumi is basically the main character right now, but Rin definitely needs more screen time.

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