The GDB Power Rankings: Summer 2017, Week 6


  1. Princess Principal (ep5)
  2. Made in Abyss (ep6)
  3. Tsuredure Children (ep6)
  4. Gamers! (ep5)
  5. New Game!! (ep5)

At this rate, Princess Principal is going to take my anime of the season with how interesting this show is and continues being. I love what studio 3Hz is doing and hope they continue strong for the second half of the season. Getting consistently second is Made in Abyss which as we go deeper into the abyss, the darker it seems to get. The student council president and delinquent are the best couple in Tsuredure Children hands down, no competition and I look forward to more of them. Of course the other couples are great and I also look forward to new couples being introduced as there seems to be an endless supply of them, maybe they come from shows where a pairing never forms.

This show has had a slow build-up but Gamers has been a fun adventure full of misunderstandings and this week’s episode really highlighted that with essentially a pentagram of misunderstanding. I hope by the end of the season maybe one misunderstanding will be cleared up but that’s asking for a lot from this show. Finally we have New Game!! which makes an appearance on my list again after its first episode. This week’s episode was a lot of fun. We got introduced to a new character, saw a different side of Hifumi, and there was a devil Aoba scene; what more could I ask for?



  1. Kakegurui (ep6)
  2. Owarimonogatari s2 (ep1&2)
  3. Princess Principal (ep5)
  4. Fate/Apocrypha (ep7)
  5. My Hero Academia s2 (ep19)

Kakegurui is anime of the season. I cannot get enough of this. Disbelief totally, completely, and willfully destroyed so as to better enjoy the roller coaster thriller that is this anime. Every episode has me like

Owarimonogatari finally brings us some closure regarding Araragi’s fate, and then so much more. The best part of the episodes we were given, for me, was definitely the date Araragi and Senjyogahara went on, showcasing one of the best relationships in anime. The end to their date was beautiful and lovely and I wish them the rest of their lives together. But the most important thing to come from Owarimonogatari s2 is the reveal of a war between two other very prominent and powerful characters, neither of whom we know very much about.

With an episode structure that constantly jumps the timeline, Princess Principal can sometimes be somewhat difficult to make sense of, but so far it’s a narrative choice that works well for them. This week gave us the backstory to resident loli assassin Chise (now that’s a phrase you’d only ever hear in anime) which was… More emotional than expected. The animation was slightly different this time around, which was notable whenever characters were walking/running. Still, there is a fluidity and intelligence to all movements that perfectly cater to the events depicted. A beautiful show, with an interesting premise. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

We don’t deserve the Fate franchise. It’s kind of absurd, but always brilliant, and has such a ridiculous, amazing cast of characters. Thankfully, the authors don’t shy away from giving most of them their due, gracing us with just enough to keep them all interesting and engaging, with few to none actually overshadowing the others. Fran best girl, though. Fight me, Saber fanboys (ง •̀_•́)ง

Filler episodes, filler arcs, filler filler filler. It’s the bane of many anime fans, as filler, especially in very long running shows, tends to not be very well received. Well, just like with most things, this week’s My Hero Academia knocks it out of the park with almost an entire episode dedicated to (third best girl) Froppy, the Rainy Season Hero. It was a simple, but fantastic episode, with the most kawaii (or not?), macho seal to ever grace the world, and his lovely, keen-eared sidekick battling against a villain that is most assuredly a reference to Cthulhu. Hopefully we see more of them sometime down the road.



  1. Love and Lies (ep6)
  2. Made In Abyss (ep6)
  3. Tsuredure Children (ep6)
  4. Welcome to the Ballroom (ep6)
  5. Princess Principal (ep5)

Anime like Love and Lies and Made in Abyss make me wish I wasn’t watching anime weekly and I could knock them both out over the course of a week. The episodes just fly by and I’m immediately left wanting more. I love that Love and Lies isn’t abandoning the ministry set-up and that they are keeping it as a recurring element in the series. I love how they are showing both guys and girls getting turned on. I love how they are showing a variety of awkward couples and confident couples. I do wish that Yukari would have thought more of what Lilina was thinking during the video, not because I didn’t know what she was thinking but because it would make me like Yukari even more. For Made in Abyss I loved how different Ozu was compared to the rest of the characters they had encountered so far. It helped further show that it’s not only the monsters in the Abyss that are influenced by it.

This weeks Tsuredure Children gave us more of two of my favorite couples as well as the return of the Love Master. Very nice blend of comedy and adorableness. Welcome to the Ballroom is continuing to set the stage for Tatara and Mako to grow as a pair. We didn’t have any scenes that were as fantastic as last week but still a great episode overall. Princess Principal gave us the weakest introduction of any of the characters but it was still a fun ride throughout. Was nice to have a different setting this time around and the fight scenes were very nicely animated so that was a treat.



  1. Princess Principal (ep5)
  2. Ballroom (ep6)
  3. Teekyuu 9 (ep5)
  4. New Game!! (ep5)
  5. Kakegurui (ep5)

Princess Principal is still the best show ever made. This particular episode is the strongest so far. Extremely action packed and one of the most emotional scenes in anime history. Excellent usage of tropes being turned on their head. When Chise helps the little boy, the audience is supposed to think it’s to show that she is not some ruthless assassin that she’s made out to be, but instead…Well anyway, my one complaint is that I don’t understand the card scene. Very flashy, but seemed like forced animation.

In similar fashion, strongest episode of Ballroom yet. Let me make this clear, I love Mako in the manga. I am in love with her in the anime. Absolutely perfect. Very happy that Morohoshi Sumire (Aikatsu‘s Ichigo) is getting good roles. Tatara is at his best here. The importance of unity and pair work is more and more relevant. The OST really stands out like never before. I think my perspective on this adaptation has changed significantly. What I expected was just a huge amount of motion and movement all around during any shot of the dance floor, but it really ended up being the way you would read the manga’s still frames, featuring colors, voice acting, and music. When I look at it like that, it does feel like the manga that I love. This adaptation is perfect.

Teekyuu’s hilarious as always, featuring a wonderful parody of K-On and an even better parody of the show as a whole. Brilliant.

I am officially interested in the game they are making more than this series itself (Kigurumi Guardians), however Hifumi has one of my favorite scenes in a comedy for the set-up, although the punchline was very obvious and a little weak. Still, it is a character I enjoy seeing. Really disappointed that Rin is such an irrelevant character this season.

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