The GDB Power Rankings: Summer 2017, Week 7


  1. Made in Abyss (ep7)
  2. Princess Principal (ep6)
  3. Tsuredure Children (ep7)
  4. Gamers! (ep6)
  5. Magical Circle Guru-Guru(ep6)

This week’s episode of Made in Abyss was amazing, it rivals the first episode in quality. We learn a lot about Ozen, Riko, and Reg and the Abyss in general, as well as how terrifying and caring Ozen can be. This weeks Princess Principal, gives us some insight into the relationship between Dorothy and her father. The last segment in the bar was really nice but saddening at the same time, all in all it was a great episode. There was some next level trolling this week on Tsuredure Children between Minagawa and Hotaru and I could not stop laughing during the entire segment.

Gamers! has gone past your standard level of misunderstanding and attainted a new state, advanced level misunderstanding. The characters in the show have even attempted to make charts to figure it out only to fail, and the ending of this episode was capped it off nicely. Magical Circle Guru-Guru is honestly a really fun show that more people need to watch and this episode is no exception. The smug hero and Kukuri make a great pair and all the characters that they meet on their journeys always add to the show and never detract from it. I do want to give a shoutout to this week’s Nora, Princess, and Stray cat for being the GOAT.



  1. Welcome to the Ballroom (ep6)
  2. Kakegurui (ep7)
  3. Princess Principal (ep6)
  4. Made in Abyss (ep7)
  5. My Hero Academia s2 (ep20)

Natural talent is not something that comes to everybody, but even to those it does come to, it must be refined, tempered, and forged in the fires of passion and dedication. Natural talent is nothing without hard work, but Tatara from Welcome to the Ballroom doesn’t have this problem. If anything, he doesn’t even realize his own talent, not understanding why so many eyes are on him even though he’s only just started to dance. His earnestness and drive are inspiring, putting him up there with any other shounen protagonist. The animation of the show only adds to this feeling, giving us lots of detail for even the smallest moments and seemingly trivial details. There is an incredible depth of emotion in every line drawn which the score multiplies it with astounding effect.

This week’s insane Kakegurui teaches us a lesson in “how to win by losing”, serving up a healthy dose of “you’re worthless” in the process. Our main heroine shows she isn’t in it just for the win and that there’s a lot more going on to her than initially meets the eye. What’s her end goal? Will she meet it in the next five episodes? Or will we get a second season? Either way, I just want a satisfactory end to this marvelous ride.

Despite the surface appearance, Princess Principal has proven itself quite the dark and brooding show. We finally get a glimpse into Daisy’s origins, and in keeping with the theme of the show for our protagonists, it is an origin born out of negativity. How cruel of the writers to give us a flash of hope, only to extinguish it against a light-hearted backdrop.

Ozen the Immovable was an instant favourite of mine. I’m a sucker for both tall and strong women, and she is both with a killer character design. That aside, Made in Abyss, unlike PriPri, is refusing to give in to the darkness that rests just out of reach, throwing us on a roller coaster of hope, fear, and then eventually relief as we follow along with our young heroine and her automaton friend. I still have issue with Rika being so young, as I still feel it adds nothing to the show, but only time will tell how it really plays out.

The hype of My Hero Academia’s tournament arc has died down and the series is giving us more world building to go along with the first half of season 2’s character building. We learn the sinister origins of One for All and get a little more info on All Might’s past as a hero, as well as a heavy bit of foreshadowing. It sucks, at times, to have so many great characters, but so little time to actually showcase them in somewhat equal measure. Episode 20 teases us with a race of sorts between the members of hero Class 1-A, but only shows us a few of them, and even then only one (our main protagonist) is truly showcased. The scene served its purpose – to show character growth – but left me wanting more.



  1. 18if (ep7)
  2. Princess Principal (ep6)
  3. Love and Lies (ep7)
  4. Gamers! (ep6)
  5. Tsuredure Children (ep7)

It seems to be that the best episodes of 18if  are the ones that focus less Haruto and Katsumi and more on the witch. This week’s episode provided the least amount of handle holding yet as it rushed to tell a story that could have probably been told over 3 or 4 episodes but still managed to be coherent in 1. I wish every episode varied as much as this one did. Princess Principal gave us a peek into the history of Dorothy and what led her to being who she is. As much as I hated her father, when the episode ended I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her and this was made all the more powerful by how she was trying to stay happy.

Love and Lies is starting to force Yukari to understand how important his decision on who he wishes to stay with is. Even better was seeing how Lilina’s and Takasaki’s feelings are changing. After hearing about the zaniness of the sixth episode of Gamers! from a few others I decided to pick up this show and I ended up watching all sixth episodes back to back and man what a ride that was. While the characters all attempt to understand each other and clear up misunderstandings they somehow create brand new ones that just constantly build on the previous ones. I hope this plummet never stops. Tsuredure Children’s first skit made me laugh louder and longer than almost any anime ever has before. While the other skits this week were good, they were completely overshadowed by the first.



  1. Princess Principal (ep6)
  2. Ballroom (ep7)
  3. Tsuredure Children (ep7)
  4. Teekyuu 9 (ep6)
  5. New Game!! (ep6)

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