The GDB Power Rankings: Summer 2017, Week 8


  1. Made in Abyss (ep8)
  2. Princess Principal (ep7)
  3. 18if (ep8)
  4. Welcome to the Ballroom (ep8)
  5. Tsuredure Children (ep8)

The music in Made in Abyss is what really sets it apart from the rest of the shows this season. It always fits the tone and helps emphasize what is going on. Even though this episode was essentially a training episode it got me hyped for the next part when they go down another level. Princess Principal consistently has great storytelling and despite it being an episodic show it manages to keep me enthralled in the overall story. All of the main characters are great in their own light but are held up extremely well by the constantly changing support cast. This week’s episode of 18if was another pretty interesting one with the subject matter and how they handled it. The concept of the struggles of the deaf with the floating subtitles and the general art style were all well done and interesting. I do hope that the show goes more into the main character’s backstory in the upcoming episodes.

This weeks Welcome to the Ballroom got me pumped up again unlike the past couple weeks. Mako and Tatara were great this week with Tatara showing us weakness as a beginner and getting some much needed motivational words from Hyoudou. Finally we have Tsuredure Children to round out the week with another fun episode. It’s one of my favorite shorts since Space Patrol Luluco. It’s just a lot of fun and never gets stale with its large and diverse cast. Even this late into the season they tease new couples in the background while progressing all the currently introduced ones.



  1. Made in Abyss (ep8)
  2. Tsuredure Children (ep8)
  3. Gamers! (ep7)
  4. Princess Principal (ep7)
  5. Love and Lies (ep8)

Made in Abyss  was almost able to top it’s first episode this week. Loved seeing a more caring side of Ozen as well as some of the backstory behind Lyza. Was great to see them have to work together to survive and get another look at the monsters of the abyss. Tsuredure Children was an absolutely adorable treat this week with how they are starting to blend some of the couples together. The 2nd couple was so relatable to my wife and I that it’s tough to not love them. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Gamers! after the last episode ended at such a high point but they took it in an entirely different direction and scaled back on the misunderstandings. They not only corrected a number of confusions but they gave us some really sweet romance!

Princess Principal gave us a more relaxed episode that focused more on the girls just having fun rather than more spy thrillers. Being the fan of slice of life that I am, how could I not love this episode? I’m glad to see Yukari and Takisaka getting along even better and I love how the other characters are entirely unamused by Yukari’s obsession with burial mounds.



  1. Princess Principal (ep7)
  2. Ballroom (ep8)
  3. Tsuredure Children (ep8)
  4. Teekyuu 9 (ep7)
  5. Kakegurui (ep8)

Princess Principal is still the best show ever made.

Ballroom still highlights the relationship between male and female dancers amazingly well. This is the best episode yet. Next episode will probably be one of the best episodes in the entire anime.

Tsudredure Children manages to get third place again and still has a lot of great parts about it, but is worse than last week and it frustrates me how much garbage the audience has to sit through in order to get there.

Teekyuu is still Teekyuu after all these episodes. One thing this particular season is doing well is that the episode titles are related to the episode.

I love idols!

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