The GDB Power Rankings: Summer 2017, Week 9


  1. Made in Abyss (ep9)
  2. Princess Principal (ep8)
  3. Welcome to the Ballroom (ep9)
  4. Gamers! (ep8)
  5. Re:Creators (ep20)

Made in Abyss once again had another great episode accompanied with excellent music. We got to see the effects of climbing the Abyss and how severe it is no matter that distance travelled. This weeks Princess Principal was one of the best ones for the show, even though it reinforced information that we got earlier. It gives us background into the Princess and the Princess and tells their story in a very touching manor. Welcome to the Ballroom has yet another beautifully done episode with the theme of Tatara becoming an almost invisible frame to hold Mako’s flower. The flower petals that spread out near the end of their dance was very pretty, and the way the episode ended with them exiting the floor and the Gaju couple entering builds tension and hype for the next episode.

The latest episodes of Gamers! have all just been a lot of fun and builds off what it has done in previous episodes. This episode we got introduced to a new character which I’m sure will only bring more misunderstandings, but to counter that it seems like Chiaki has learned something important which left her in a state of hilarious disbelief in the last scene. Re:Creators has been a show that is incredibly average with interesting action scene, but as we get to the conclusion of the story it keeps getting more interesting. The seemingly invincible villain seems to finally have a weak point which was teased at the end of the episode, of course all the action scenes are still great.



  1. Welcome to the Ballroom (ep9)
  2. Princess Principal (ep8)
  3. Kakegurui (ep9)
  4. Fate/Apocrypha (ep10)
  5. My Hero Academia s2 (ep21)

“Flower and Frame” is the title of this week’s Welcome to the Ballroom and it is a most fitting title. We’ve seen that Tatara is good, he’s a natural, but he’s no pro. That really showed in the last episode. But he also seems to possess a skill few to no other dancer around him have: the ability to read body language. Where most of the pro dancers are skilled because they have been learning from a young age, Tatara is skilled because he can read a person and a room better than most. He may not be the best, but in his hands, one can become the best. Mako certainly bloomed this episode, and it was absolutely magical to watch, bringing about tears as I watched, enthralled, by the denouement of her personal narrative. I could write an entire essay about episodes 8 and 9, but I’ll leave off here.

This episode of Princess Principal doesn’t offer any new information to particular savvy viewers of the show, but it does present the information in beautiful fashion. This show is a highlight of the week, to both eyes and ears with Yuki Kajiura doing what she does best. So far this doesn’t seem to be on track to be as mind blowing as a certain other Studio 3hz original, but it does seem more coherent. This is a studio I desperately want to hit it big, as their adventurous ideology is quite something.

Who would’ve expected an Idol episode from a gambling show? Not me. And while the stakes this time around weren’t that severe, it shows masterful, behind-the-scenes planning from our heroine, Jabami Yumeko, on her quest to gamble with the all powerful student council president

Well that was interesting and unexpected. I wonder how this will play out. Saber of Red shows us what she can really do, though it saddens me to see my favourite character in the show already gone. Bless you Fran. May you find your love in another life.

My Hero Academia is going to end on a bang, giving us the final exams of Class 1-A, our main hero and his “nemesis” going last. It’s going to be an exciting last few episodes, and I’ve already got my ticket for this hype train punched.



  1. Gamers (ep8)
  2. Welcome to the Ballroom (ep9)
  3. The Reflection (ep7)
  4. Princess Principal (ep8)
  5. Made in Abyss (ep9)

I’ve been worried since I started watching Gamers! that it would take a turn for the worse largely because how much I expected to not like it. However from the very first episode each one has gotten better and better. They managed to clear up a few of the misconceptions while also keeping the comedy throughout the episode. They also managed to do this while also escalating the different romantic relationships. The way they balance the comedy and romance while grounding them how a bunch of insecure high schoolers would act is what I want from a romcom.

While I haven’t complained about this in the anime (largely because I knew what was to come from reading the manga), one of my big complaints when I was first reading Welcome to the Ballroom was how people were constantly wowed by Tatara even though they had been dancing for years versus his more recent interest. The flower and the frame was what assuaged this complaint as it helped, not only show how his skill could really shine but also, show just how unimpressive he was compared to everyone else in competitive dancing. I also loved that they  slowed down and focused in on one dance for this episode.

The newest episode of The Reflection gave us a return to the quality of the first two episodes. Rather than just following the characters around and having them learn about the world it focused a bit on the conflict between I-Guy, the hero who would stereotypically be the lead, and the rest of the superheros. It showed the self doubt he had in himself and then they topped it off with the heartbreaking scene of him discovering the team that had been with him since his band days had all been brutally murdered because they helped him.

While it was revealed early on that Ange and Charlotte had swapped places, they never went into specifics on the how or why which I honestly would have been fine with them keeping that vague but ultimately I am glad they didn’t. I also loved how they showed us the start of the case we saw in the first episode.

It was nice to see how Riko would deal with the abyss if she didn’t have Reg with her and how ill-prepared she really was for it all. I also loved how Reg wasn’t just wracked with self-doubt when he fired his attack early on in the episode. This episode did give a particularly nice shot when Reg went to hit the crimson splitjaw but it also gave us one of the weakest points visually as well when the neritantans turned from little fluffballs and into hard metallics orbs when they jumped up on Riko. Ultimately I had to cut Love and Lies from my weekly list as I felt they focused too much on the school festival and they didn’t use that to escalate the relationships of the characters as they just rehashed the same reactions we saw during the practice episodes.



  1. Princess Principal (ep8)
  2. Ballroom (ep9)
  3. Teekyuu 9 (ep8)
  4. Tsurezure Children (ep9)
  5. New Game!! (ep8)

Princess Principal is still the best show ever made.



Tomarin as a high school girl in love!

Moe Moe Kyun!

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