The People Behind Giga Drill Breakdown

mafuyureadingAndrew “Buggy” Koerner

Editor-in-Chief at Giga Drill Breakdown and postmodern weeaboo. Likes: kuuderes, Studio Trigger, imoutos, series where everyone has a different power, ambiguously loli characters, pretentious artsy shows. Dislikes: tsunderes, Anime Strike, Kotaku’s Richard Eisenbeis, idols.


rabstol_net_toradora_12Ben “Taluun” Grant

While relatively new to the anime community I have been a fan of anime and manga for most of my life. I like to maintain a focus on personal enjoyment and self-reflection and I want people to realize the fun they can have by exploring the implications of their tastes.


  Jithu “Urtag” Balakrishnan

I love cute girls and enormous drills.


genderbent_aragorn_and_boromirKurt – Gyrozen

I like anime (etc) of all types and have three rules:
1.) Never judge objectively or subjectively based in appearances, hype, or opinions/arguments of others beforehand; to understand an art is to experience it
2.) Just because something is your cup of tea, that doesn’t mean it is someone else’s and vice versa; don’t be afraid to voice your ideas in a civil manner, but to belittle others is to disparage yourself
3.) Only watch/read something if you want to watch/read it: nobody else’s opinions are of more merit in these regards than your own